ABA THERAPY for children with autism

ABA THERAPY for children with autism

ABA THERAPY for children with autismABA THERAPY for children with autismABA THERAPY for children with autism

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We are able to accept the following insurances: BCBS, Humana, Tricare, United Behavioral Health, Community First - Commercial Health Plans (University Healthcare System Employees), as well as private pay. 

**Unfortunately we are unable to accept Medicaid at this time

About Us

We provide unique clinical interventions to children with autism based on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and clinical psychology.  Merging both methodologies provides advantages in the areas of selecting appropriate evidence-based interventions based on comprehensive assessments, naturalistic interventions, parent training and support, extensive knowledge in developmental approaches, and additional experience in teaching social and play skills.

Our Mission

To help children with autism achieve their maximum potential through a unique and engaging play-based method of applied behavior analysis. 

Our Vision

To be an elite provider of innovative and comprehensive applied behavior analysis across the United States.



We are excited to announce that we have openings in all of our ABA programs! Please contact us at (210) 415-9626 or click the button below for more information.

Committed to Excellence


Research Based

Individualized Treatment

Parent Involvement

We provide quality, research-based services in a motivating environment to facilitate learning. Our team of BCBAs are committed to applying the latest research findings and continuously training our staff.


Parent Involvement

Individualized Treatment

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is key to progress and possible recovery from autism; parent collaboration is essential from the very beginning.  Our BCBAs develop close relationships with families and helping their child reach their goals.


Individualized Treatment

Individualized Treatment

Individualized Treatment

Each child with autism is unique and presents a specific profile of personal strengths and weaknesses.  Our ABA therapy programs are based on individualizing treatment approaches and goals to maximize each child’s potential. 



Dr. (Gia) is absolutely amazing. She knows just how to help our kids.  Thanks to Dr. (Gia) and her therapists, my son is now doing things I never imagined possible.  Before my son went to the Blossom Center, he only had a vocabulary of about 100 words and could only label objects.  In only six months with them my son is now able to speak in complete sentences and is potty trained.  He is able to ride a tricycle, can dress and undress himself and is above average in most of his fine motor skills.  He is very social and loves to play with his friends. He exceeded all of his goals made by the school IEP within three months at the Blossom Center. His speech, OT, and PT therapists have all told me they have never seen this much progress made in less than a year.  I will be eternally grateful for Dr. (Gia) and her therapists for helping my son reach his full potential.  He would not be where he is at today without them.

– Mother of a child with autism

Both of our boys attended The Blossom Center when we lived in Texas.  During their time there, I saw more progress than I had ever seen before. The programs were individualized to meet each of their very different needs. The therapists were very knowledgeable and Dr. (Gia) had a real grasp on how to get the most out of my kids. Moving away was difficult because Blossom had become part of our family. I have not found a program yet that can measure up to Blossom.

– Megan (parent of two boys with autism)

Looking back, as a former employee working as a therapist under Dr. (Gia) at Blossom Center for Children was one of the best experiences of my life. (I cannot really call what I did “work,” because I enjoyed it so much.) Blossom has a kind, loving, and family-like atmosphere and it was soon clear to me that each therapist and Dr. (Gia) deeply cared about each kiddo and their family. In addition to the great atmosphere, the actual therapy sessions were of the best quality. Each therapist was fully engaged, enthusiastic, and positive with each kiddo. The training that each therapist was required to undergo prepared each of us for what we would be doing on a daily basis. However training did not stop there, we were constantly learning, improving and developing our skills to become better and better therapists. During my time there I saw progress happening all around me; which was so rewarding. It is amazing what happens at Blossom every day and I was so glad to be a part of it.

– Priscilla Gagne (therapist relocated out-of-state)

I can’t express to you how greatful I am to have found you & Blossom.  Your guidance and skills have given us so much hope for (his) future! He has thrived so much because of your leadership.  We appreciate everything you have done for him & look forward to the new year!

– mom of a child with autism addressed to his ABA Case Supervisor

I think (his) progress has been great.  He initiates communication a lot more, and is now identifying and asseting his own wants during parallel play with others…. His self-care needs have really improved, and hasn’t had a potty accident in school in a long time!  I also noticed that he is eating a little more at lunch and snack, which is excellent… Thanks for all you do! It is clear that (he) gets so much out of your program.

– regular preschool teacher of a child with autism who is mainstreamed

You and the Blossom Center staff have done so much for not only our precious (child), but for all the children who pass through your doors.  For that, we will be eternally grateful.

– grandmother of a child with developmental delays

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